Quality Training For Safer Pilots


Phil Croucher
Head Of Training and Chief Ground Instructor, Phil Croucher holds EASA, UK, UAE and Canadian professional licences for aeroplanes and helicopters and over 8700 hours on 37 types, with a considerable operational background, and training experience from the computer industry, in which he is equally well qualified. He has at various times been a Chief Pilot, Ops Manager, Training Captain and Type Rating Examiner for several companies, including a CRM Ground Instructor. He is also an EASA examination question writer and is involved in writing the new EASA Learning Objectives for future examinations.

An ex-Army Air Corps fixed wing and helicopter pilot, his flight experience includes VIP/Corporate, airline/scheduled, police, EMS/ambulance, high/low level photo, longlining, mountain flying, seeding, powerline & gas pipeline survey, and offshore.

Shawn Coyle
Author of The Art and Science Of Flying Helicopters and its sequel, Cyclic & Collective, Shawn Coyle has flown more types of helicopters than almost any other pilot in America. His range of experience spans production test flying, medevac missions, and training. He is a former instructor at the US Navy Test Pilot School, the National Test Pilot School and the Empire Test Pilot School.

Miguel Jimenez
One of our representatives in the USA, Miguel is also an FAA CFII and a medical doctor.

Richard Dale
Richard Dale is an experienced ground instructor, having worked for four UK schools teaching full-time and distance-learning courses for both aeroplanes and helicopters. With a science degree from the University of Cambridge and training within the Royal Navy his particular expertise is in the more technical and mathematical subjects which many students find difficult.

Richard is a qualified commercial aeroplane pilot and instructor, with over 3500 hours in general aviation, including instruction and international freight and passenger charter and worked as a Chief Pilot and a Quality Manager. He has flown piston twins and King Airs into airports and airfields across Europe and into North Africa, from unlicensed strips to the largest international airports, carrying everything from urgent freight and transplant organs to celebrity passengers. He also has almost 200 hours helicopter experience. Richard undertakes private tuition and can be found at ATPL Tuition.