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First Multi-Engine Pre-Entry Course

An advanced systems course for PPL(H) and CPL(H) holders who wish to transition to a multi-engined helicopter. This course must be taken before reporting to a TRTO for the conversion. It is included in all our PPL(H) and CPL(H) Distance Learning Courses. ATPL(H) holders are exempt.

Although multiple engines are thought to be a Good Thing, many accidents have still happened because both have failed! Mostly, this has been due to icing, but a dual FADEC failure is not impossible, as is mismanagement of the complex systems required to keep the engines going, or from poor planning. Thus, a good knowledge of aircraft systems, and their management, plus the ability to apply that knowledge to diagnose problems, can go a long way to helping you out in an emergency, where you have less time to stop and think.

This course does not cover material already covered in PPL(H) examinations, which the candidate is assumed to have already mastered. Neither does it cover any type-specific material that should be covered by the TRTO during the conversion. Rather, it concentrates on the concepts behind such subjects so that the TRTO course may be better absorbed, with a small amount of refresher material, plus coverage of the complex equipment that may be on board. Having said that, the subject matter is generally based on either the AS 355 or A 109, as these are the most common twin types to be flown by the average beginner.

The course involves about 4 weeks of home study (can be shorter according to your commitments), two days in the classroom and an internal exam. It costs £495.

This course is also accepted by the Finnish and Irish Civil Aviation Authorities.